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大发体育官网 Diamonds - USA and David Braverman

David Braverman the founder and owner of little-doc.com is a third generation diamond cutters.
As one of the first Diamond Jewelry websites, little-doc.com大发体育官网began serving global customers as far back as 1997.

Diamonds-USA was founded on the vision of removing traditional middlemen to sell:

Loose diamonds, engagement rings, diamond earrings and diamond pendants, direct to the public.


Domain Name:little-doc.com


Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 2

Whois Server:

Referral URL:

Name Server:

大发体育官网Name Server:

Creation date 3 - September - 1997

Diamonds-USA incorporation certificate, year 2000


Since the innovation that Diamonds-USA brought to the Internet and the USA has consistently sought to enhance customer satisfaction with a wide and varied product range and a range of unique customer loyalty and retention schemes.
little-doc.com is virtually unmatched in delivering that personal touch that adds romance to every relationship unified with one of David's diamond engagement rings.
大发体育官网 No matter how much Diamonds-USA has grown and expanded, there is not a single diamond that enters or leaves the business without David's experienced eye checking for quality and value for money.

大发体育官网This remains David's personal commitment to every customer.


1. Customer Service and Transparency:

大发体育官网We offer our many thousands of customers the best customer service possible, before and after your purchase.

We will work with you to find you the diamond ring or other diamond jewelry of your dreams, by web, phone or email.

大发体育官网We are the only jewelry website where customers are happy for their testimonials to be proudly displayed with their email address so you can contact them first hand (see our archived testimonials)

Our customers are our advert.

2. Flexibility:

Every loose diamond on our website is available in a huge selection of platinum diamond settings.

大发体育官网As our jewels are manufactured in.

All jewelry can be custom made in any combination you desire, and in the metal of your choice.

Have it your way!

大发体育官网3. Return Policy:

We have a simple and straightforward Full Money back Guarantee.

大发体育官网No Questions asked.

大发体育官网In the unlikely scenario that you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, just let us know within 10 days of signing for the parcel.

Should you wish to extend the inspection period all you have to do is ask, we will always extend it within reasonable period.

See our return policy here

4. Where do we ship?

We sell and ship diamond engagement rings and all our diamond jewelry worldwide, every diamond purchase is delivered using free insured shipping services to your doorstep.

大发体育官网Your diamonds are safe with us (we do not ship to central and north Africa, middle east, Indonesia, Iraq & Iran).

大发体育官网5. Approvals and Certifications:

Diamonds-USA have won so many awards and certifications over the years it would take a lot of space to show them off.

大发体育官网Here are just some of our badges of credibility:

大发体育官网Try us and see for yourself…

大发体育官网A. Third party testmonials:

大发体育官网“...Of the dozens of on-line diamond jewelry web-sites I perused, Diamonds-USA had by far the best selection of diamonds and ring settings, and the best prices…”

AceSmith, Arizona-U.S.A

little-doc.com Testimonials on the website
大发体育官网 www.Ivouch.com

More Testimonials at our website

大发体育官网B. Diamonds - USA PayPal history:

little-doc.com is a verified PayPal Merchant since 2001

Diamonds-USA is PayPal page, verified since 2001

How trustworthy is Diamonds-USA? Do they have a BBB rating?

Diamonds-USA is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau nor do we have a BBB rating. Our BBB file was opened in 2006.

大发体育官网Over the last 3 years, there has been zero complaints filed against us with the Better Business Bureau.


大发体育官网C. Our history with JBT

Mr. David Braverman
Braverman - Zohar Diamond Cutters and Traders

Diamonds-USA Jewelers Board of Trade membership 2001

大发体育官网Dear Mr. Braverman

I am pleased to inform you that your company was elected a member of this board of trade at a regular meeting of the board of directors held in Providence, Rhode Island, on 9/17/97.

Your certificate of membership is enclosed.

大发体育官网This is a cooperative association, and I trust you will use our services freely to obtain the full benefit of your membership.

Yours Truly

Nathaniel C. Earle

David Braverman Jewelers Board of Trade membership certficate
Diamonds-USA accountants letter
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